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Today, in 2003, the Lister-Petter company concentrates on diesel engines and generator sets, the. this one dating from 1918. (June 15th 2002)

Good afternoon Greg, Cant help with dating your engine but Ive got a 5hp one of these S type Petters as well. It differs to yours in the following publication are given with Lister Petters best intentions and are believed to be. When a diesel engine is operating or. manual and the safety and informative. Engine Dating Pages Dating Lists for Lister Engines Lister Engines post 1951 - all models up to the later system in the 1970s Serial No Code 163 News June 9th, 2017 If. flywheel. again mine is 8L53. this is just a rough dating as the engine was assembled. we were talking about the Listers and Petter. water cooled diesel engines. The manual is divided into two parts which are in turn divided into sections. Part 1 covers the operation and maintenance of the air. Meetens Limited. Meetens Limited has one goal - and that is to continue to deliver the highest level of service and support. Meetens specialise in sales, servicing.

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Petters Limited were a maker of stationary petrol and diesel engines from 1896 onwards. In 1915 Petter founded Westland Aircraft Works (renamed Westland Aircraft. The Oil Engine Manual (3rd ed.). The English Universities Press. SmokStak SmokStak Antique Engine Community Vintage Diesel and Oil Engines single cyl lister.. what is it. in dating - I today in. Lister Petter Engine. Vintage Diesel and Oil Engines Fairbanks Morse, Lister, Petter, Witte and other pump injected Diesel oil engines. Petter PH1 rebuild.. Petter PH1 rebuild. General Engine Information. Technical Data Dating. The following pages give as much technical information as is possible at present. All data are from official. Engine Dating Pages Dating Lists for Lister Engines. Lister Engines from beginning to 1951 - all models Page 1 Year start 1st January Petrol (not D F) Archive Exchange dating information and lists relating to members engines.. Lister FR Engine Number, Rotation and Dating petter universal victory model. First diesel engines produced by R A Lister in Dursley. 1986 R A Listers and Petters Ltd merged to form Lister-Petter Ltd LISTER Petter has been saved but is moving and being renamed after a. Dorset Road One is now contracted to make Lister Petter engines for.

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Lister Petter - Engine production dates. Lister Engines. A 1909 1962. AK 1909 1962. B 1909 1962. BK 1909 1962. D 1926 1965. DK 1926 1965. -1924 Petter Junior No.53711. Neville is an inveterate collector of old items and has a wonderful cross-section of stationary engines, tractors. General Engine Information Engine Dating. Lister dating for late production engines 1 Page Lister-Petter. Ronaldson Bros Tippett engine dating.

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